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How to Type with your Voice?

Type with your Voice

Few years ago, the concept of typing was introduced by Microsoft (MS) where they launched products like Word, Excel, Text File, PowerPoint Presentation and couple others. It served and benefits lot of users who use to type, save and transfer/share the notes for multiple purposes. The article will explain about ‘How to Type with your Voice?’ and the basic methods of using the features efficiently:

VideoTaleem always aims to come up with special tutorials for their audience, so Type with your Voice is another addition to that. The latest addition of Voice Type about which many users are unaware. No need to type as your voice can type content for you automatically by getting your voice notes.

Let’s talk about how to type with your Voice:

It’s very easy to understand that how to type with your voice. Just take an example of Google Documents where online MS products like Word, Power Point Presentation, Text file etc are available.

Just open the word by visiting and start typing through your voice. Open a new ‘word document’ where you will find an option named as TOOLS. In dropdown menu you will find Voice Typing option whose short key is CTRL + SHIFT + S in case you want to have quick access of the option.

A Microphone (MIC) will appear on Left Side of your screen with an option of selecting your desirable accent from worldwide languages. Once selected, you can start recording your voice notes and the same time you will see automatic typing of words.

The tips to use the feature efficiently are given in the HELP option. You can write the keyword ‘type with your voice’ in search of HELP option and you will get a detailed guide about the feature. Especially the formatting part is much important to understand.

You can also watch our Video Tutorial which will guide you about how to type with your Voice?

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