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How to use GTmetrix web page SPEED TEST tool?

GTmetrix Web Page Speed Test Tool

A great number of internet marketers, entrepreneurs and businessmen use to work on websites with an aim to earn online or even offline by establishing their websites. It’s great to know about ‘How to use GTmetrix web page SPEED TEST Tool?’.

Along with developing content on the website, ranking a website and web page are some serious challenges. It is not at all tough to make it happen.

Website SPEED is something that need to be checked on regular basis. It enables a website to run effectively. The impact of active running website with less issues can be helpful in optimization. A website with better ‘Speed’ is one of the main factor in building traffic. The activity of visitors on regular intervals help you in increasing great number of SUBSCRIBERS for your services on website.

GTmetrix helps you to know the much important factor ‘SPEED’. You have to open the website by entering URL You can analyze your website even without ‘Logging In’ on GTmetrix.

When you will open the website, a page will be opened containing a box titled as analyze your site’s speed and make it faster, The tagline on website can better help you in understanding it’s purpose i.e.  ‘GTmetrix give you insight on how well your site loads and provides actionable recommendations on how to optimize it’

You have to enter the URL of your website about which you would like to analyze in the box available just below the tagline. Click on ANALYZE (sky-blue button) and click ENTER.

Right after clicking on Analyze, GTmetrix will start fetching your website. The website will take few seconds to fetch your web pages and come up with a really helpful report. On the basis of that, you can make great improvements in your website.

The factors that usually affects on speed will be calculated in this process. You will come to know about Performance Scored including Page Speed Score and YSlow Score. Page details like Fully Loaded time, Total Page Size and Requests to servers will be also evaluated by GTmetrix.

All the results on screen will be about your website and it will give you wayout to make improvements in grey areas that can speed up the performance of your website.

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